Character Name: Kayden Darkstryde

Race: Human

Class/Specification: Blademaster

Impairment: Guns or large bulky weapons

Physical Traits:
-Height: 6'2"
-Weight: 190lbs
-Age: 38
-Gender: Male

Armor Description:
A powered environmental combat suit that
weighs approximately 48lbs, and consists of two layers. The undersuit layer is lightweight durable fabric completely sealed from the environment and offers little protection against only primitive small caliber (.22) rounds and minor cutting resistance. The upper layer consists of several pieces of an incredibly durable and lightweight alloy armor that give standard melee combat protection. The legs of the suit are enhanced to give the user the ability to jump 3 times the suit's height and run 100m in approximately 7 seconds. Although it has those abilities, the suit is not actually a strength enhancing suit, and relies more on stealth. There are sound dampers within the boots and gauntlets, and has a light bending generator that grants the user near invisibility, save for a small outline where the light is bent. 80% effectiveness in direct light, 95% effectiveness at night. The suit is not invisible to radar or sonar systems, and the cloak field will be rendered useless in dust, rain, or foggy environments. Extended use of assisted jumping, running, or cloak mode will drain the reactor core, requiring a recharge cycle. The suit is also capable of limited use in deep space and sea environments. The suit's helmet display modes consist of natural vision, low light vision, and infrared vision, and also has a sound amplification system. The symbol of The Kiss of Midnight on his chestplate, is a person crouching, engulfed in flames.

Weapon Description
: His main weapon is a one handed maul designed to attack with momentum in a spinning motion. A secondary weapon is a pair of 18" blades sheathed in his left wrist gauntlet. His weapons were designed in a time when sharpened metal was still used for cutting weapons, but his blades have been adapted to use the present day technology of energy pulsing along the cutting edge of the blades.

Physical Description:
Kayden never completely exits the suit, save for removing the helmet. He has been known to even bathe in the suit. He is caucasian, has blue eyes, short cropped light brown hair, and no facial hair.

: Mean spirited, to the point, argumentative, brave, honorable, and highly ritualistic.

Brief Bio: Kayden grew up on Old Earth but as most young boys in his derelict city, he was taken from his parents and raised by a gang called The Kiss of Midnight. It was here that he developed his skill with the weapon known as a maul. It is known that he attained the rank of Hardblood in the gang. But to where that ranks sits, is unknown.

Reason For Joining the Revenants: It is not yet known exactly why Kayden joined the Revenants, but it is rumored to have something to do with his newly acquired rank of Hardblood.

Text Color
Crystal Turquoise

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