Guidelines for posting in the RP.

1. Creativity. It is essential that everyone try to be as creative as possible when writing their posts. Take events to their limits. The more creative the post is, the more interesting the story will be. We are playing out a fantasy so why not let your fantasy run wild.

2. Super Human = Awesome, Superman = Lame. We are more than just regular people, we are intergalactic bounty hunters. Our power is what makes us awesome. Crushing a man's skull with one hand, moving to the other side of a building in 1 sec, or lifting up a half ton metal door with your mind and slamming it on some Gamads is awesome. However, we still can not fly around the Earth in the opposite direction, reversing the direction of the planet, reversing time in the process and bringing back loved ones from their graves.

3. Collaboration. We expect everyone here to help come up with ideas, races, more planets and so on. If you have an idea for our next journey, share it. If you have an idea for an awesome evil race for us to kill, let us know. We want everyone to feel like they are a part of this story.

4. Have Fun. We want the Dark Abyss to be something that you enjoy doing and not a chore you have to do. We will be doing our best to accommodate both frequent and casual players. For the casual players, we have added a story outline on this site to help you stay caught up with what has been going on. This way you can read up quickly on the major events and add a post like you were never gone. For the frequent posters, if there is a lull in activity, Junction3 or I (Scyberdragon) will move along other players, with discretion, to help the story to continually move. (For example: Dorf noticed the rest of the Revenants load up onto the ship as they left Fauna is search of more work.)

5.Coming and Going. Any players is free to leave at any time. If you would like to leave, you have to options. 1.) Go out with a bang - Have your character eat a spore filled space radish that causes them to swell up until their body eventually meets their limits and they explode, pouring their organs over the others that are eating (or something like this.) 2.) Prepare your character for a return - Let your character be injured and taken to a medical facility for healing. If you are going to leave, please post in the OOC so we know. For joining or coming back. Just let Junction3 or myself know that you want to join and we will write you in.

6. You Are You. You cannot control anybody else's character. You cannot push them down a  bottomless hole or anything else of that manner unless the two of you have discussed it before hand. If you put yourself in danger, do not expect anyone to save you, this is not to say nobody will, just understand that nobody has to. Junction3 and Scyberdragon are the only people allowed to move other people's characters. Keep in mind this will be done with high discretion and only used to help lift the story out of a rut.

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