Story Outline

A brief outline of the story that has played out so far will be posted here with constant updates.


Day 21 -

After plowing into the main gate, the Revenants made quick work of their opponents. Dorf and Meth quickly became surrounded by an assault of Reptylia. Alesky came to the aid of the surrounded members. Meanwhile, Lt.Venom, Kayden, and Oltu were all killing Reptylias of their own. Dorf overheard some noise and came to find out that the Umbazi tribe was using Humans as slaves. After freeing some slaves, Lt.Venom watched as a little girl was killed. This Drove Lt.Venom into a blood filled rage after reliving some past memories. Oltu, knowing what was going to happen next informed the rest of the team to flee back to the Ungaru tribe. Leaving Lt.Venom and his destruction behind, the rest of the team collected their bounty and were reassured of their newly attained safe haven. The team now heads back to their ship ready for another job.



Day 17 -

After boarding their ship, the Revenants made their course to Fauna. A few of the Revenants meet in the mess hall for a brief discussion when the ship alerted that it was about to crash. Dorf quickly took the controls and narrowly avoided a deathly crash. After landing, Dorf and Oltu made their way to the Ungaru tribe. There, they meet the leader named Turok who clarified their mission. They were sent off with some of the Ungaru's warriors. After returning to the ship for a brief moment, the Revenants made their way to the village of the Umbazi. Their mission was to kill all of the Reptylia of the Umbazi tribe. The Revenants dispersed around the village ready to strike. Dorf lead the assault as he barged in and broke down the gate at the main entrance.



Day 12 -

After collecting their bounty for the retrieval of the talisman and the rescue of the gang leader, the Revenants spread about New Earth eager to spend their hard earned money. Most of the members de decided to go to a jungle themed bar where a animatronic hippo served them a slue of different drinks. Just as Oltu arrived to join in on the fun, Dorf was heading out to find another job. After stumbling around for a bit, Dorf came upon a Reptylia who offered the Revenants a job to protect his tribe from another imposing tribe. Dorf called upon the other members as they boarded their ship ready to go to Fauna.



Day 5 -

With the T-Rex stopping the Revenants from retreating, they had no choice but to fight the gigantic monster. Dorf ran towards the dinosaur only to be caught in the jaws of the beast. John ran over and helped Dorf escape from being the dinosaur's meal. Kayden launched an attack on the beast after receiving a leg injury from the beast's tail. Aleksey used a special armor piercing bullet and shot it right through the beast's eye and hitting the dino's brain, ending his life quickly and swiftly. After the beast was down, Oltu decided to throw a building on the monster "Just in case". The members then loaded back onto the ship, two passengers heavier and headed towards New Earth to collect their bounty.



Day 3 & 4 -

After receiving their mission, most of the bounty hunters continued their squabble or moved about the ship to do their own thing. The next day, the group had landed on Old Earth eager  to start their mission. Expecting to find some resistance from the get go, the group was oddly met by only one ranting human complaining of toxins in the water changing the humans into zombies. The group ventured into the middle of the city and retrieved the talisman they were after with no disturbances on the way. After leaving the building, a large horde of zombies began to attack the group. The bounty hunters made quick work of the first wave of zombies, shooting, slicing, and bashing them to death. Oltu received a message to save the Jerupe gang leader from the zombie attack. Lt.Venom ventured out to save the gang leader. The rest of the group began to fall back from the thousands of zombies that were still coming. On the way back to the ship, John ran ahead and saw a group of survivors attempting to take our ship. In addition to this, members of the Kaghern gang have cut off the bounty hunters from making it to their ship. Dorf ran off towards the zombies to attract their attention to allow the other members a fair fight against the gang members. While running away from the the group, Dorf and Lt.Venom have run into each other. Mean while, back at the ship, where the majority of the group is, a giant bio-engineered T-Rex has erupted from the ground.



Day 2 -

A few of the soon to be bounty hunters eagerly boarded the ship waiting for details on their mission to come. There was a lot of conversation going on between the group that boarded the ship. Guns and knives a plenty, many of the soldiers showed off their individual techniques. Dorf and Oltu remained outside the ship watching and waiting for the remainder of the  patrons at the bar who had followed them to the ship. Lt. Venom came up to Oltu and disclosed that Oltu was his teacher, Oltu forgetting due to a coma he had had in the past. Oltu got  on the ship as Dorf waited for the few lingering applicants. After everyone boarded and met in the cargo hold, Oltu briefed everyone on their first mission, which is to retrieve a talisman  from a rival gang on Old Earth.

- Scyberdragon & Junction3


Day 1 -

Dorf and Oltu have put up posters everywhere through town. Meeting up in a bar. Dorf and Oltu eagerly awaited the soldiers their posters would bring. A bunch of people came up and presented themselves to Dorf and Oltu and expressed interests in joining their group of bounty hunters. After hearing everyone's questions and selling points, Dorf stood up and informed them that they would be leaving for a mission right away and this mission would a be test to see if they can join the Revenants. He took them over to their ship and directed them to get  on board if they were still interested.

- Scyberdragon


Pre-story part 2. -

As the five races of Dark Abyss begin to question each other, allies, factions, and gangs have begun forming. A Troskca known as Oltu Trysk and a Largix who goes by the name of Dorf Lunger have traveled to the small planet of Sveden to form such a team, a group of bounty hunters. Aimed at finding any job that pays, the newly forming team is looking for people of any race or creed. With their first job already waiting for them, The Revenants are eager to fill up their team and begin their first mission.

- Scyberdragon


Pre-story part 1. -

In the year 2632, the four leaders of the Humans, Troskca, Largix, and the Reptylia met on Sveden. The four leaders convened to try to create a peace treaty that would help ensure the perseverance of all four of their races. After months of deliberation, the four leaders finally created the Inter-Planetary Peace Treaty. For hundreds of years the races complied with the treaty's rules. The four races lived in a time of peace and tranquility. while each planet had their own problems, they had no reason to fear any problems from the other races. Life like this continued until recently. it is now the year 2987 and much has changed since the days of the creation of the Inter-Planetary Peace Treaty. New leaders have emerged from all four groups and a fifth group has been added with the separation of the Troskca and Troskcavar. A state of unrest has settled upon the Dark Abyss and many fear and contemplate the  undoing of the treaty that their great leaders had created before them. Most nations now seeing the Peace treaty as a hindrance than something helpful. All five races have slowly started to bend the rules that have kept them in peace for so long. The five races look towards each other now with ambiguity and fear. Constant fights have erupted between smaller factions of different races. The once tranquil Dark Abyss is now filled with a fog of insecurity and imbalance.

- Scyberdragon

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