Well yeah i like Fate Stay/Night.

Character Name:
Johnny "John" the Swiftblade

Race: Human

Class/Specification: Energy Blade

Impairment: Limited knowledge

Physical Traits -
-Height: 5'9"
-Weight: 180lbs (varies since he eats ALOT)
-Age: 19
-Gender: Male
-Description: He dresses in fancy clothes (Mostly light weight for maximal movement) And his favorite weapons are 2 short swords given to him from his master (High energy output swords able to be swung easily and fast and specialised in hit and run tactics). He also has nanobots inside his blood that increases his body functions, especially his regeneration abilitys.
-Personality: Eager to learn and very full of energy (to the point of annoyance)

Brief Bio: Born on old earth John was since low age forced to fight for his survival as the gangs fought against each other for the few resources in the area, as he grew older he met an old man who taught him how to fight. After a few years (by this point John is 17) the teacher who he had grown to love was severely injured and left for dead, John who tried to save him was thrown into near-madness once his teacher died in his arms and took the teachers weapons and started slashing down anything alive he could come to. John lived in this state for 2 years until he finally awoke from his madness and decided to leave Old Earth.

Reason For Joining the Revenants: After finally coming out of the madness John finds and join The Revenants to get off Old Earth.

Text Color: Maroon

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