Elfen Lied 

Character Name: James "Jim" Kassle.
Race: Human
Class/Specification: Gunner
Impairment: The limitation of his prosthetic.
Physical Traits - Suffers from phantom limb psychosis.
-Height: 6 ft 1 in
-Weight: 500 lbs (200 before undergoing cyberization)
-Age: 40
-Gender: Male
-Description: Tall, muscular appearance.
-Personality: Outgoing jokester. Quick temper. Fondness for using big guns. Despite having prosthetic limbs James lifts weighs as a hobby.
Brief Bio: A former member of a special forces group, James' unit was on a reconnaissance mission when the group was ambushed. The group was wiped out and James left for dead. James underwent cyberization to replace the damaged parts of his body after the accident. This included prosthetics limbs, organs, and a cybernetic brain.
Reason For Joining the Revenants: Some what of a mercenary, he offered his services to whatever groups would have him.
Text Color: White
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