Dark Abyss



Character Name: Meth Tical

Race: Human

Class/Specification: Energy blader

Defects/Impairment: Low responsibility

Physical Traits -
-Height: 187 cm/ 6' 1"
-Weight: 78 kg/ 172lbs
-Age: ?
-Gender: Male
-Description: Other humans Often calling him as alien, because of his looks - Orcish type face and dry skin. Natural born defects, but his physical abilities let him be more agile than average human will ever be.
-Personality: Observing, anti-social, quiet and sometimes naive when he opens.


Weapons: Red laser sword

Armor: Light cosmic set

Brief Bio: Meth was born in old earth, his parents were always drunken, so they didnt paid much attention to him when he was a little kid. He left the house one day and joined Mafiosa gang. Meth lived in sewers and pursued innocent civillians with the gang. When he turned 18, he left the gang and escaped to the new earth. He have never returned to his home in old earth. Mafiosa is still looking for him...

Reason For Joining the Revenants: Seeking for a protection, aswell full-time job.

Text Color: lime green
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