Character Name:  Oltu Trysk

Race: Troskca

Class/Specialization: Prophet

Impairment: Melee attacks and poor defense

Physical Traits -

   Height: 8' 3"

   Weight: 237lbs.

   Age: 279 years old

   Gender: Gender Neutral

   Description: Oltu has a scar that runs down his forearm

   Personality: Battle-hardened, wise, serious, direct.

Brief Bio: Oltu was always fascinated with his abilities to move things with his mind. As he became older, Oltu joined various groups of bounty hunters looking for work. Oltu has extended his knowledge of being a bounty hunter and planetary location.

Reason for joining the Revenants: After Oltu's most recent group of bounty hunters were killed, except him, he went back to Sveden in search of a new group of bounty hunters.

Text Color: Yellow

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