Character Name: Zip Mackenzie
Race: Human
Class/Specification: Tinkerer
Impairment: Big guns, he doesn't like them because recoil annoys him.
Physical Traits -
-Height: 6"5
-Weight: 230
-Age: 22
-Gender: Male
-Weapon:Makes bombs, carries around a revolver in case  hes ever in a bind and wants to feed
someone some lead.
-Armor:Black cloak, underneath he wears light tough leather armour so he can move around quickly.
-Description: Tall, beefy guy who usually wears dark clothing with hoods. He carries around a backpack with survival gear wherever he goes. Complete with a first aid kit, a bottle of whiskey, a zippo, utility knife, and various tools to help him come up with ways to get out of a sticky situation.

-Personality: Clownish, can be cocky, likes the ladies, strong hatred for racism.

Brief Bio: Born on Old Earth in slums at a old ghost city metropolis, many cities down the coastline in this specific location had been ravaged by devastating earthquakes and other volcanic activity. The result happened to be cave like entrances into the earths crust where people started to inhabit. By the time Zip was 19 he had already became the chief of his village, but after conflicts with a gang he was forced to leave his home town.

Reason For Joining the Revenants: Zip joined the revenants to do something different. Living in a village for over 20 years and trying to survive day to day made Zip realize that there are better things he could be doing. Thus he joined the revenants.
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