Character Name: Trylk Odgen
Race: Troskca
Class/Specification: Gunner
Impairment: No mental powers like the rest of his race
Physical Traits -
-Height: 8'1''
-Weight: 247
-Age: 178
-Gender: Gender Neutral
-Description: Tall, built. The 1st Troskca to join the New Earths Marine Corps. Uses a military issue full automatic rife, along with a laser revolver. Wears military issue Spec. Ops. armor, complete with energy shield, also keeps a photo of his wife and child in his back left pocket.
-Personality: Hard on the outside, funny and friendly once you get to know him. Loyal, VERY cocky
Brief Bio: Born without any mental telekinetic powers, Trylk was shunned from the Troskca community. Was adopted by a New Earth couple at the age of 2, both were enlisted in the New Earth Marine Corps. Trylk quickly enlisted at age 18, moved up the ranks quickly, and finally left at age 150.
Reason For Joining the Revenants: Realizing that he simply cannot live without the thrill of battle, Trylk quickly joined.
Text Color: RED!
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