Character Name: Rando Keayar

Race: Largix
Class/Specification: Berserker
Impairment: Intelligence

Physical Traits -
-Height: 11' 4"
-Weight: 582
-Age: 114
-Gender: Male
-Description: Scars all over his body from intense training some large and very noticeable other are smaller cuts.
-Personality: Short-tempered, Cocky, Battle-hungry

Weapons: Spiked Mace
Armor: Plate mail mostly covering only vital parts to keep faster attack speeds.

Brief Bio: Rando grew up in a small community on the outskirts of the main populous. He didn't have much to do other than work and train in the art of melee combat. Rando has become one of the finest in this art and his thirst for blood and battle has led his away from his home to pursue more.

Reason For Joining the Revenants: Since Rando has left his home to pursue more battle he has stumbled upon a group known as the Revenants.

Text Color: Green
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