Character Name:
Dorf Lunger

Race: Largix

Class/Specification: Protector

Impairment: Lack of intelligence

Physical Traits -
-Height: 10' 2"
-Weight: 481
-Age: 75 years
-Gender: male
-Description: Dorf Lunger is a massive tank on feet.
-Personality: A bit clumsy and stupid. Willing to take a hit for any one of his team members.

Weapon: Dorf Lunger carries around a giant hammer 6' 3" that is charged with electricity that strikes his victims

Armor: Full body coverage in full plate mail.

Brief Bio: Dorf Lunger worked in the mines on Bormunth, after getting bored with his life, Dorf looked for work else where. He met Oltu on Sveden. Matching Oltu's brains with his brawn, the two formed the Revenants.

Reason For Joining the Revenants: Co-founder of the Revenants. Looking for more to life than working in the mines.

Text Color: Brown
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