Character Name: Aleksey Semyonov, also known as "Blindside".

Race: Human

Class/Specification: Gunner

Impairment: Melee combat and heights, blind from birth.

Weapon(s): A bolt revolver he crafted himself, fires four .30 bolt slugs.

(Think this except four barrels)

A .50 bolt rifle he crafted himself, capable of both burst fire and single shot. Can used both as an Assault Rifle or a Bolt Rifle.


Physical Traits -
-Weight: 182
-Age: 20
-Gender: Male
-Description: He's healthy and a little muscular. Got short hair and wears a full body armor and a visor when he's adventuring. If he's social he's wearing a sand colored trench coat with matching trousers and worn out leather boots.
-Personality: He's an adventurer, always looking for new knowledge and loves to study science and history.

Brief Bio: He's been blinds since birth and developed great hearing and sense which came in useful when he grew up in the slums of Old Earth.
He's got a microchip installed into his brain which is linked to his visor which allows him to see.

Reason For Joining the Revenants: Ever thirsting for adventure and knowledge he joined the Revenants in search of it.

Text Color: Pale Turquoise
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