Character Name: K’thanix “Specter” Fuzojix

Race: Reptylia

Class/Specialization: Covert

Defect/Impairment: Despite a higher than normal awareness of the outside world among his race, he still shuns the majority of outside technology.

Physical Traits
Height: 5’ 7
Weight: 182 Pounds
Age: 73
Gender: Male
Description: Preferring his natural scales as armor, he wears nothing but a specially tailored trench coat that blends with his scales, allowing him to make full use of his chameleonic nature. His scales, normally black with purple edges, shift and change on a whim. His deep violet eyes hold a touch of empathy, an uncommon trait among the brutal Reptylia. In contrast to his short stature, are his rippling muscles, which are only emphasized by the brass loops worn around his upper arms. A long muscled tail trails out from the back of his trench coat, ending in a wickedly sharp bone tip.
Personality: Reserved, with a deep inner-calm that allows him to keep a level head in even the most dire circumstances.

Brief Bio: A former high-ranking member of the Blurscale tribe, K’thanix was betrayed by the warlord, turning him into a wanted fugitive overnight. Fleeing from all that he knows, he struck out on his own, relying on his fearsome skills honed on his barbaric homeworld to make a name for himself in the galaxy.

Reason For Joining the Revenants: Ran into the group soon after his exile from his homeworld, offered to serve as a scout and assassin.

Text Color: Purple
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