Home Planet: Bormunth

Physical Traits: The Largix stands upright on its two legs. However, the Largix has four arms and two sets of eyes.

Average Height: 10'6"

Average Weight: 500 lbs

Average Life Span: 230 years

Gender: Male/Female

Technology: The Largix have simple technology compared to most. Machinery and energy sources encompass most of their technology. The Largix also have basic space travel technology.

Weapons:  The Largix weapon of choice would be anything big and heavy, hard to carry, such as maces, hammers and cudgels.

Armor: Their armor would be hard plate mail, sturdy for ramming things, reinforced leather padding.


   Berserker - The Largix uses his massive size to do full frontal attacks. Wielding objects too heavy for most to carry. The Berserker swings his weapons with devastating power.

   Protector - The Largix uses his dense armor to take the brunt of the attacks. Able to withstand almost any blow and stay on his feet, the Protector drains his enemies energy and simply knocks them over when they are done.


Additional info: The Largix are an older alien race that was enslaved by stronger, magical beings to work for them as the Largix could work diligently for days without rest. As many years passed a small group of about 150 Largix banded together and revolted against their slavers, only to be slain in a matter of seconds. The revolting group’s bodies were thrown back into the camps of the Largix as a warning of what would become of anymore revolting Largix. Outrage broke out in the camps of what their slavers did and the rest of the Largix fought against their slavers. All most all of them were slaughtered that night during their revolt only leaving about 30 left alive. The last of the Largix hid in space for many years repopulating their new planet of Bormunth. Now, the Largix are a prominent alien race around space, posing as one of the strongest physical alien race known.


The Largix can live up to about 230 years old, the oldest dating to 246. An average age for a Largix would be anywhere from 40 to anywhere from 200 to 230. At birth the Largix only has a single set of arms, the upper set, and a lower set of nubs. From the ages of 18 to 22, the Largix’s second set of lower arms will start to develop, also increasing their height, weight and physical strength. The second set of arms will develop over the next 10 years into a fully usable set of arms in which they’re ready for any battle to be had. The Largix will usually die, in battle, around the age of 200 to 230, if not sooner, because they become slower and weaker.

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