Home Planet:  Fauna

Physical Traits: Bi-pedal reptiles with sharp teeth and long tails.

Average Height: 5'8"

Average Weight: 175lbs

Average Life Span: 125 years

Gender: Male/Female

Technology: The Reptylia have no formal technology. They have no form of energy. Most of the Reptylia denounce technology, implying it goes against their way of life. However, a few Reptylia have adopted some technology going against their leader's orders.

Weapons: Naturally gifted with many offensive traits, the Reptylia use basic weapons like daggers and spears to enhance their fighting capabilities.

Armor: Again, gifted with natural tough skin, the Reptylia only wear basic cloth armor mainly for social reasons than defensive ones.


   Covert - Some breeds of the Reptylia have the ability to camouflage their body making them almost impossible to see with the naked eye. Using this in conjunction with  master dagger skills. These Reptylia are quick and silent killers.

   Combatant - The largest of the Reptylia, born with spikes on their tails and extra long snouts filled with sharp teeth. These Reptylia fight enemies one on on relying on their natural spikes and claws for offense and their thick hides for defense. (Male only)

   Acid Tongues - Female Reptylia have poison glands in their throats that they can spit out onto enemies. They have practiced their whole lives controlling their poison glands and using them as a source of damage. They also use long spears to keep enemies at a distance. (Female only)

Additional info: The Reptylia are quick agile creatures. Able to move much faster than humans, the Reptylia rely on this agility to help them become formidable adversaries. Most Reptylia also discourage the influence of Humans, seeing their technology as a disgrace to their way of life, most Reptylia have never learned English, the standard language in the Dark Abyss. Trying to live to themselves, the Reptylia can not help but feel the ever encroaching population of the Dark Abyss onto their pristine planet.

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