Home Planet:  Tseplei

Physical Traits: The Troskca have a typical human body style except for their tendrils that hang down from the back of their head, much like hair.

Average Height: 8'

Average Weight: 250 lbs

Average Life Span: 400 years

Gender: Gender Neutral

Technology: The Troskca have have advanced forms of technology. While not as advanced as the Humans, the Troskca have plenty of their own inventions. The Troskca, however, have never needed technology too much due to their natural intelligence.

Weapons: The Troskca do not require many weapons since their mental powers are far greater than any other known alien. The circlet they wear on their heads channels their powers to their bracers which has another set of orbs that are in their palms.

Armor: They wear simple robes that brand their symbol of their knowledge from their home planet of Tseplei. In addition to their robes the Troskca wear a circlet which  has an orb on their forehead.


   Templar - Templars use their mental abilities to conjure mental attacks on their enemies. Mind bolts are released from their bracers physical assaulting their opponent with their mind.

   Prophet - The Prophets use their mind to manipulate other objects. Able to hurl the objects at others or throwing them in the away from an impending attack, the Prophets can hold their own in any fight.

   Assailant - Going against the traditional custom of the Troskca, the Assailant uses his mind to get face to face with his opponent. Able to predict the immediate future, the Assailant can evade most attacks. The Assailant has also used his mind to empower their swords with extra power.

Additional info: The Troskca are one of the newest alien races known, only being known for the last 425 years, because their leader, Isjazda and his councilmen, used a mental block over their planet, keeping it isolated from the rest of space. When younger Troskca made their way out of their planets mental field they floated around other local planets where they were questioned about their origins, but none were giving for unknown reasons. When they returned to their planet, Isjazda decided to release the mental field and the Troskca became a well-known alien race even though little to nothing is known about their past.

The Troskca can live up to about 400 years old, the oldest dating to 487. An average age for a Troskca would be anywhere from 20 to 350. The Troskca develop their tendrils quickly by the age of 20 and by that age, they’re allowed to roam the open space as they desire. By the age of 350, most Troskca return to Tseplei to live out their last 50 years or so, until they die.

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