Home Planet: Desolace

Physical Traits: While similar to the more advanced Troskca, the Troskcavar are much smaller and lack the tendrils their brethren have. Instead, the Troskcavar have abnormally large heads and almost useless arms.

Average Height: 4' 9"

Average Weight: 75 lbs

Average Life Span: 115 years

Gender: Gender Neutral

Technology: The Troskcavar have the same technology as the Troskca but their absence from their planet leaves their technology in short supply.

Weapons: Using no weapons, the Troskcavar rely on their mind controlled monstrosities to do their fighting for them.

Armor: The Troskcavar are very fragile creatures. They rely on their full covering suits made from a special mineral found on Desolace that offers protection from blunt forces but allows them to move quickly.


   Brood Mother - These Troskcavar have used their mind control to take over the mind of the brood mother of the Gamads. This brood mother is able to unleash more Gamads but they are uncontrollable to the Troskcavar.

   Companion - The Troskcavar have created a close bond with two  of the working class Gamads. The two Gamads are very loyal to the Troskcavar controlling them and will obey even the most dangerous of commands.

   Twisted Fate - The Troskcavar control the Gamads to use as an extension of their body. The smaller Gamads surround the Troskcavar enhancing their defense and offense. The twisted fate fight with their "fists" that are covered in the gnarling mouths of the Gamads.

Additional info: The Troskcavar are the "simpler" cousins of the Troskca. While they do not have the same mental abilities of the Troskca, the Troskcavar are still more intelligent than most. They use their innate mind abilities to control the minds of the spider-like creatures that live on Desolace. The Troskcavar left their home planet of Tseplei after thousands of years of being seen as lesser than the Truskca.  Hoping to create their own civilization, the Troskcavar have made Desolace their home away from home. While lacking the structure needed to create an actual society, the planet has become a shamble of Troskcavar looking out for only themselves.

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