Inhabitants: Humans

Environment: A picture-esque planet that the humans have created. Beautiful sparkling oceans, vasts amounts of open space covered in dense forests and clear skies with the occasion cloud.

Politics: New Earth is governed by elected officials. These elected officials hold terms of ten years and then a new election is held. This government also controls Old Earth.

Description: In the 23rd Century, the humans began terraforming another planet to house themselves. After the terraforming was complete, most of the humans left behind their destroyed planet to begin a new life on New Earth. Taking cues from their mistakes in the past, the people of New Earth have managed to maintain the planet's integrity. This is also helped by abusing the rights of the humans on Old Earth. Most of the experiments of the humans are done on Old Earth to ensure the pristine planet of New Earth, despite it being illegal. The humans of New Earth also try to keep their new planet's popualtion to only human.

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