Home Planet: New Earth/Old Earth

Physical Traits: Two arms, two legs, and one head. Classic human.

Average Height: 5'11"

Average Weight: 185lbs

Average Life Span: 95 years

Gender: Male/Female

Technology: The Humans are the most advanced race with technology. Using their technology to compensate for their lack of natural abilities, the Humans constantly strive to improve on their technology.

Weapons: Humans have lead the technology movement. Using their technology to create their weapons, humans have a wide array of weaponry to choose from. Guns, traps, and energy blades are the most commonly used weapons.

Armor: Humans protect their heads with helmets equipped with tech enhanced visors. The also wear Kevlar and metal platting over vital areas for protection.


   Gunner - Blaster rifles, plasma cannons, and good ol' fashion pistols  are all at the disposal of the gunner. Spending their life perfecting their aim and fashioning new guns, the gunner is a formidable foe from a distance.

   Tinkerer - Humans have created many advances in the technology of traps. Keeping a varying amount of traps on their belts, trappists can fight their enemies without even being in the same room.

   Energy Blade - Humans are able to confine pure energy and attach it to a plethora of tools to turn it into a weapon. From laser axes to energy swords, the energy that flows from the edges of these weapons can cut through almost any material.

Additional info: While the technology the humans have created destroyed their old planet, it has given them an edge that no other race has. The quick thinking and versatility of the human gives him his advantage of the others. Humans rely on their ingenuity to strive for more. Being more advanced, technologically, the Humans take great pride in their mechanical abilities. There greatest accomplishment was the complete transformation of their neighboring planet. They were able to change the environment of the planet to make it hospitable to their own kind. They in essence, created a paradise.

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