Inhabitants: Primarily Humans

Environment: filled by the pollution of the industrious humans, Old Earth supports very little natural life and very little clean water. Average temperature ranges from 70 - 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Politics: Old Earth is governed by the people of New Earth. They have no say in the elected officials.

Description: Old Earth was the home to the humans for thousands of years. In the growing years from 2000 - 2300, the humans have destroyed their own planet. Most of the people who lived on Earth moved to New Earth in the 23rd century. The humans that could not afford the move were left on Old Earth while others chose to remain there. Old Earth gets most of its supplies from deliveries by New Earth. This smog covered planet is covered in old abandoned buildings that people have taken as their own. The world is infested with gangs that have separated the world into three main factions: Mafiosa, Ancients, and the Old World Alliance.

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